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Welcome to Alpacas of Norway

It's been more than five years now since our first import of 15 alpacas arrived from Chile on New Years Eve. It was the first such import to Norway. Since then Alpacas of Norway has imported 70 alpacas from various countries through five shipments.

The most recent import was the winter of 2009. Together with Tim Hey from Inca Alpaca in England, we travelled to New Zealand to select 25 solid black and solid white alpacas for breeders here in Norway. In September that same year, they were released from a nearly eight month long quarantine.

When Alpacas of Norway was established, our objective was to establish a new niche industry within Norwegian agriculture. It was and still remains our long-term goal.

Breeders Association

Today there are 24 alpaca enthusiasts organised by Norwegian Alpaca Breeders Association (NABA). In 2010 breeders will be running over 200 alpacas in Norway. NABA has also established a Norwegian alpaca register where alpacas will be recorded.

In 2010 NABA will organize its first alpaca show.

Norsk Alpakka

Norsk Alpakka ( is a partnership established to develop, produce and sell alpaca products made from Norwegian alpaca fiber.
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